Holy Transfiguration Monastery in Milton


Monastery in Milton

Holy Transfiguration Monastery in Milton, Ontario, first, and the only Serbian Orthodox monastery in Canada.

Long-standing wish of the Serbs in the region to raise the monastery began to realize the establishment of the Canadian Diocese and the enthronement of the first bishop of the Canadian, Bishop George, 1984. .. The land which will be built monastery was purchased and consecrated 1988. ., foundations of the future monastery was consecrated by His Holiness Serbian Patriarch G. Pavle 21. October 1991. ., a newly built monastery church 12. June 1994. ..

Painting of the church began immediately after its construction – the church was painted with frescoes of our famous iconography and freskopisca Dragana Marunić. Majestic fresco of Christ Pantocrator dome covers temple, composition and Transfiguration, Entry into Jerusalem, Foot washing , Betrayal of Judas, Silaska in from, will remain as an eternal testimony to the real character of the Orthodox Serbian people in the decade in which the, in this area, rethink about him spread lies.

Our only monastery in Canada is famous on the American continent and the fact that it held large parts of the relics of Christian saints of the early history of the Church, from first to third centuries: St. Basil the Great, St. Athanasius the Great, St. Polycarp, St. Panteleјmona, St. Hatalampiјa, St. Nektarios and St.. Width and the relics of St.. Nektarios Optinskog, Russian saints from 20. century.

Of a large meadow, self nekoliko year, Serbs of Canada raised its true oasis of spirituality. In addition to the monastery church was built and a building for accommodation with many amenities: Chapel of the Three Hierarchs, library with over 4000 Book, great room for give and parastoses. On the part of the monastery property is governed by the first Serb cemetery in Canada. Now the church is a large area for picnics, with all amenities: Summer Pavilion, kitchens, petsanom, sports facilities. For the youngest is arranged special place where they can safely and securely to play.

Divine Liturgy at the monastery served in 9 sati Saturdays, days in which to celebrate Serbian saints and days in which to celebrate the saints whose relics rest in monastery, Sundays and holidays in 10 hours. Every Saturday is a prayer for the deceased to rest in the monastery cemetery.